One thing I like to do is listen to live music sourced in free jazz/improvisation and try to answer my favorite question when looking at artwork or listening to music-what do you see? I’ve done this many times, but for the first time I wrote it out at the request of writing linear notes for an album that I truly love. A very interesting thing about this record is the balance of 3 women and 3 men.

Below are the track markings and what I saw.


You can hear the record here:


Brother Ras Moshe and Music Now! with Ras Moshe, Matt Lavelle, Lee Odom, Anais Maviel, Paula Shocron, and Pablo Diaz.


First Part

We climb the mountain. We climb the trees that grow on clouds. We descend into the volcano and boil the lava. We ascend to paint the sky


The Earth grows. We’re all getting older now. I remember farming near the pyramids. Wet dew leaves. Heading out to sea. Water horizon.


High pressure. We release the steam. We float in the sky. Soul grip. We open our hearts and burn. Soul BRIGHT. SUN QUAKE! Churn. Burn. Skyfire. Fire wind. Fi-RE FI-RE FI-RE


Humanity. Transform become or end. NOW now NOW now. Earth blues. We can see EVERYthing. The Birds know what we forgot long ago. The water remembers. Water never forgets. Water. Never. Water never forgets. Water. Never. Water never forgets. Water. Never. Water never forgets. Water. Never. Water never forgets. 401 years. UMOJA.


WE will carry on. We WILL carry on. We will CARRY on. We will carry ON. WE WILL CARRY ON. This land is your land. This land is your land. Retribution and rejuvenation rebirth from above.

Cross the borders


Swim away. No flags here. El Agua Limpia Todo. El agua limpia el cielo. El agua limpia la tierra. El agua limpia la mente. El Agua limpia el cuerpo. El agua limpia el alma. La música es agua. Water reflections.


Pulsation nation. Sky gods sing. The wind sings. Soar Swoop Dive Spin. Never forget the people. Never forget the people. Never forget the people. Never forget the people. Never forget Never forget Never forget Never forget.

We will never forget


Welcome to the chamber of our heart. The heart sees all. El corazón ve todo. The heart can never be truly destroyed. Deep in the heart of Brooklyn. Brooklyn then. Brooklyn now. Brother and Sister. We see you. We got you. We got this.

The unison. What you know is true. Souls cannot lie. Save the world. Save us all. Forward, no matter the cost. March on. March on. March on. Hope still exists. Awake. So, awake. Soul reparations. Earthbound Earth bond


BURN burn burn. Burn BURN burn. Burn burn BURN. Bern. Fire ritual! Fire dance. Soul fire. Fire Wind. The mountain burns. Tke sky burns. 2020 2020 2020 2020 2020

The Earth is on fire

We know we can never stop we know we will carry on never forget the people


We shall have peace



Second Part

Meet the family. Brooklyn 2050. Hope endures. Until all are one. Shake it off. The planet and the comet. Tornadoes on the sun. Saturn winds. Secret moon. Moon rise. Earth set. Earth rise Earth rise Earth rise Earth rise Billions of centuries *******************


h o m e