Back in 1987 I was in Russia on a tour with my high school big band led by legendary music educator Bert Hughes. I had a Dizzy Gillespie trumpet somehow, with the bell pointing into the sky. This band had a bunch of real life characters in it. There was Road Test Reese and Foster […]

RIBAS. The Odyssey of Sabir Mateen

  The first time I ever heard Sabir Mateen was on the lower east side at a music store playing with the renowned TEST in the late 90’s. It was the first time I ever met or heard Sabir, Daniel Carter, Matthew Heyner, and Tom Bruno. Still fairly new to Free Jazz at the time, […]

Into the Hot with Anders Nilsson

I first met brother Anders Nilsson on Third Street. Third St. was an underground session that went down on East Third in NYC almost every Wednesday for over 10 years, with Sabir Mateen and David Gould being its two constant pillars of strength. We played free. I was instantly intrigued by how Anders responded to […]

It’s time. An Interview with Ras Moshe

Ras Moshe. I first met Ras at the back of the Brecht Forum when it was in Chelsea. Daniel Carter and I had an improvising orchestra then and asked Ras to join right away. He then invited me over to his house to check out some music he wrote and as I recall we had […]

Catherine Sikora: The Interview

                                                   c) 2013 Robin Parmar I vividly remember the first time I heard Catherine Sikora at the Brecht Forum in NYC. Wonderfully unique Tenor. BIG sound. Soprano from a realm I never encountered. Tremendous sonic power and weight but she was using it with a great deal of sensitivity and timing with special care for […]

An Interview with Joe Rigby

Master Joe Rigby is a friend of mine. The first time I heard him he was walking up and down the stage in a duo with Milford Graves at the Vision Festival. Big personal sound. He had his own posture and body language, his own everything. We would both end up in The William Hooker […]

An Interview with Charles Downs

I first met Charles Downs when I sat in with Other Dimensions In Music at CBGB’s Gallery about 10 years ago. I was intimidated to step on stage with all that musical power. Afterwords I rapped with Charles and eventually I joined his Centipede project and we played several times a month for almost 2 […]