The End

Hello to any and all readers of my writing. I started writing publicly in 2009. Since then I have posted 392 blog posts and it looks like people have read my writing about 20,000 times. Thank you! I’m not that good at wordpress stats. This will be my last public writing post for some time. […]


  Yesterday the news came through that the great Jemeel Moondoc has left town forever. Everyday on Facebook we see people responding to someone’s life ending on Earth. For me it feels like the eye of Sauron looking for you, and I hope I don’t get seen. That’s a flip as everyone on social media […]

Grandpa’s Rainbow part 2 (2021)

In 1978 I was 8 and showed my grandfather a painting I made of the solar system. He was a great painter and sculptor, though to me he was just my grandfather who taught me to play chess (losing on purpose once to build my confidence) and who taught me to count how far away […]

Francois Grillot and the Hymn to the Universe

  What can you say when one of your oldest longtime brothers in music leaves this world?   Francois was wearing a t-shirt with wolves on it when I met him working at Tower Records Lincoln Center in the early 90’s. The boss sent him to my receiving department for overtime. I gave him these […]

An open letter to NYC and beyond

  Just last week here in NYC, I was down in SOHO to deliver one of my paintings to a dear friend. Even through my COVID mask, I caught a whiff of something I knew so well, but haven’t smelled in years-a true NYC slice of pizza. I jokingly told my friend Joan on the […]


  Part 1 Many moons ago (I just learned that Earth may have had a second moon) I experienced my first knee dislocation. I was in Little League in the late 70’s. I just went down hard to the ground and didn’t know why. I came to recognize the feeling, when your kneecap slides out […]

What do you see? Ras Moshe Burnett & Music Now!

  One thing I like to do is listen to live music sourced in free jazz/improvisation and try to answer my favorite question when looking at artwork or listening to music-what do you see? I’ve done this many times, but for the first time I wrote it out at the request of writing linear notes […]

This is it

Photo: Reuben Radding

Photo: Reuben Radding Last week I was in Washington Square Park in NYC to march with Artists for a free world that was joining up with a massive group with the message to end police murder of Black people and to defund the police. I marched a couple weeks before that, but on this one […]

Giuseppi Logan rises to the stars

Photo by Michael Wilderman/   The very first time I met Giuseppi Logan, I didn’t know it was him. He was an older guy looking to get a reed at Sam Ash in Times Square where I worked. I thought I knew all the street musicians in NYC at that time. A name popped into […]


Yesterday we reached over 15,000 cases of Corona here in NYC. We’re now the epicenter of the virus. Why wouldn’t we be? It’s certainly nothing to be proud of. Long term NYC dwellers and survivors sometimes find unity looking at all the things we’ve gone through as a group. Tragically that always leads us back […]